I Am R.A.I.G.E Inc. - About Marquis - Danville, IL
I Am R.A.I.G.E -
Marquis Harmon is more than just a motivational speaker, he is I Am R.A.I.G.E- At 25 he passionately delivers a true and compelling story of Perseverance, Purpose, and Humility to many different audiences by connecting the road-blocks he has faced such as abandonment by his parents, poverty in his hometown of Danville,Il, being sent away to be mentally evaluated as a young boy, and accused, charged, jailed, and imprisoned with First Degree Murder while in college studying to become a P.E teacher.
Humble Beginnings  
 Being a former High school standout-athlete and college football player he claims instilled in him a mentality of a warrior and being a team player. With the friendships and networks he has made over his lifetime he believes that by investing our time and resources we can together help establish a solid foundation for every individual young and older. In which, can be used to protect, nourish, and harvest the seed of greatness that is planted deep within us all.